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13 | 03 | 2018 0

Stoller Europe experience. Throughout last week, in the area of ​​Covilhã (Portugal) and specifically in the town of Orjais -where the nectarine plantation is located, whose pictures are attached -, “white” frosts occurred, caused by evaporation or convection, reaching temperatures as low as (-3.5) C. This type of frost damages the plant by taking advantage […]

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7 | 03 | 2018 0

Crops face a multitude of adverse situations throughout their growth cycle, with abiotic stress in general, and heat stress in particular, being an ever-growing determinant factor of annual production losses worldwide. It is estimated that by the year 2050, the global human population will grow until reaching 9.7 billion people. With the increasing population, food […]

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19 | 02 | 2018 0

Citrus production in Spain accounts for 5% of the world’s production, being the seventh country in importance, behind: China, Brazil, USA, Mexico and India. The percentage of surface area destined to this crop in Spain, is distributed as follows: 55.4% corresponds to the Valencian Community; 29.4% to Andalusia; 12.2% to Murcia and, finally, the remaining […]

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