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Members of the technical departments of the subsidiaries Stoller Centro América, Stoller Argentina and Stoller Chile explain the role of Zinc as an essential micronutrient for all crops.

This is a training that is part of the ‘Training For Trainers’ program of Stoller Academy, aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences among the subsidiaries of Stoller worldwide.




    Dear Sir
    I have a jamba plant which is not producing any fruits
    Can you suggest how to make it produce fruits like usage of micro nutrients / hormones etc
    Your response will be highly appreciated
    I am wiling to buy any thing required for the same

    • Stoller says:

      Good afternoon Mohanan Pillai, thanks for your comment. Flowering and fruiting are critical phenological stages, where any deficiency can cause fruit drop or abortion. In this stage it is important to have a high input of Calcium, Zinc and Potassium. These will help with increasing natural levels of cytokinins and auxins which in turn, will help with cell division during fruit set, making the flowers fertility more viable and pollination more efficient.

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